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About Us

Modular is an online marketplace for independent digital comic books and graphic novels. We’ve created a platform that’s first and foremost for comic book creators. We offer them a place to share, market and sell their work without sacrificing profit, and also help them to connect with the comic book community.

For the readers, our aim is to make it easy to discover new creators and digital comic books and a forum to engage with other members of the community. Whether you’re a long-time comic book fan or new to the medium, we hope you’ll discover new creators and find something to love at Modular.


Our Team

Byron Camacho, Co-founder and Creative Director. Byron brings a deep passion and understanding for telling stories to the team and is the creative force behind Modular. After studying, making movies and teaching in New York City, Los Angeles and his native Trinidad, Byron ultimately returned to comic books and graphic arts, a story-telling medium he had been quietly pursing his entire life. Byron has a BFA in film & TV from New York University Tisch School of Arts, and a BA in Graphic Design from Emily Carr University.


Chad Camacho, Co-founder and Director of Marketing. Chad brings an obsession with problem solving and growth to the team, and is Modular's chief builder. After initially setting out to become an Architect, Chad ended up designing solutions to brand and marketing problems instead. Along the way, he nurtured his passion for entrepreneurship by creating business plans and dreaming up brand platforms in his spare time. Chad has a BA from the University of Toronto, and has over 5 years of experience working in advertising, retail, and marketing in Trinidad, Toronto and Vancouver.

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